Friday, June 25, 2010

finding time

For the last year I have been working two jobs (well almost). There was a 4 month stint in there where the jobs were sporadic, to say the least. Last summer I took a part time gig to supplement my income and here we are again in summer, a year wiser but still working two jobs. I remember trying this juggling act back in college and thinking, dude, this is nuts.

God knows I have a hard time saying no to anything and amidst these two jobs I find there is little free time to be had, but I am always looking for some. This past spring was probably the hardest on me that I have ever experienced and after pulling through it I was left to question why, yet I continue down the road of assent.

In the craziness of it all I have discovered that saying yes to so many different responsibilities can also mean saying yes to free time. I am the consummate master of telling myself there will be time for everything, but reality always reminds me that time yields to no man. So finding time for me becomes a task of sorts, kind of like writing date nights on the calendar. This matter should be open and closed but I can't escape the idea that I am missing something that I haven't made time for.

My case is not unlike most, I just don't air the majority of it via Facebook; no need (and no time). What irks me however is how glib some are that could be doing so much more and yet just waste away while telling the world how busy they are. Oh crap, there I go whining again, sorry.

Finding time is recognizing that we are all living on a limited supply, then maximizing every last second. It is saying yes to playing catch with your kid even after a long day of work, even when you would rather collapse on the sofa. It is making an effort in the lives of everyone around you, even when you know that half of them would rather not hear from you at all. It is listening when you would rather speak.