Friday, April 24, 2009


I can’t get over the inevitable feeling that we are all heading in the wrong direction.

Seemingly we push closer to what “feels” good, but not what is actually good. We need Christ in our lives but we just stand in one place in this life while saying how good He is.

Here’s the awesome part; Christ died for you.

If you need to, please go back and read that last sentence. It is not a typo nor is it grammatically incorrect in any way. There is nothing illegal or illegitimate about it. It is the truth.

The most important piece for you to recognize from that statement is the word “you”. Yes, Christ died for you. He also died for me. Go look in the mirror real quick then come back. The same person you just looked at is the person that Christ died for.

If you could really grasp that and then do something about it, you would scream from the top of the closest mountain top. You would literally walk outside and tell people you have never met. Wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t? Am I the crazy one?

Maybe I don’t know what I want; maybe I’m the one confused. Christ did die for me right? Am I really headed in the wrong direction?

Where did I lose track of the story? I was following along and then what, did I stop paying attention? I go back to the story teller and listen for more, there is so much to the story and I can’t get enough so I listen as often as possible but sometimes I get pulled away.

I want nothing more than to stay in the midst of the story and be wrapped in the effect. The parables are riveting, the lessons are captivating. The narrator often speaks directly to me, no kidding! Yet there are times when something leads me off in the other direction, I get distracted.

I hear the part about how He died for me and I jump up and down inside. Sometimes I tell others but it doesn’t seem right. Shouldn’t there be more to this commission? Shouldn’t I be atop the mountain shouting, regardless of my circumstances? I know I am broken but that is no excuse.

Inspiring others comes at a cost, some listen and others don’t, but I feel led to inspire. I have written what feels like so much and yet it is nothing really. I cannot express the love of my savior with mere words. Nothing I could ever do will ever compare to a single day of Christ in my life, but He has the power to make me powerful for Him and His kingdom.

So, why not run around outside and tell others? Why not be bold and share the good news? What are we afraid of, rejection? We get a single chance here in this place to leave a mark, to leave a legacy. I suppose I could be satisfied to leave it with my children but that’s not good enough for me, I want more.

The “more” that I seek is based on what I have been given. Something so undeserved that it goes beyond human reasoning. I cannot explain nor should I try. Instead I will say that His grace covers all.

I may be unsure of running outside and screaming it out loud for now, but somehow I am destined to share the good news. So I keep writing, I keep talking, I keep moving.

Through everything that this life might throw at you, there is one thing that can never be taken away and that is your faith. I continue to be struck with that fact as I traverse my days. What would mean infinitely more would be the chance to share that faith with those who doubt or do not know.

I am convinced that many are headed in the wrong direction. I pray for proper direction in my life that others might see Him who is the way, the truth and the life.

This time I finally see the reason I can’t do this alone. My faith alone is tinny compared to the power of God. My prayer is simply that my faith would be on display as an example of how great God is.

He takes you as you are, so turn around and head in the right direction.
My life is not mine, and yet it is mine to live for Him. Peace to you all.


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Why the angst? Why do I get so riled up when someone disagrees with a specific philosophy or political view of mine? Who knows, but it’s driving me nuts. I need a better creative outlet; I don’t get to this often enough.

It would be one thing if the disagreements were only about one subject but unfortunately there are several. I have made if fairly clear how I feel about war but there are other things I am passionate about as well, I just don’t talk about them publicly as much.

For instance, I see huge problems with self righteousness, but I don’t want to come off the same by saying anything, so I clam up. I also battle right wing fundamentalism in the church and how it’s one way or the highway for so many whose primary form of religion is some windbag on AM radio, who doesn’t care one iota about your relationship with Christ.

Another huge problem I have is Americanism. That term is broad so let me narrow down my beef. In America there are a great percentage of people who expect certain rights, regardless of whether or not they know what they are, why we have them, how we came about getting them or the specifics by which they are written. As Americans we are entitled to certain rights as citizens. One particular thing that irks me to no end is that quite a few so called Christians that I know are more concerned with their American rights than their Christian rights.

I have written about this before but today it seems different. In light of the recent tea bag parties it seems apt to discuss this again. Certain Americans have forgotten what they are fighting for and have decided that if they just “fight” then something good will come of it. If we complain loud enough about something, we will get some new magical right.

The absurdity of this boggles my mind as I read the Bible and then try and transfer that data to my daily life. I am reminded of so many things that I need to be doing in this life but the number one thing is to put Him first and not in any other place. God comes first, not after the bill of rights.

I have to honestly say that my citizenship of this country means far less today than it ever has, especially when I consider who my fellow citizens are and who they continually paint themselves to be. If your faith comes first, if your love of God comes first, then you will be compelled to live a different life; one for others and not for yourself. You will find that the most important right you have is the right to follow Jesus. You will find that the greatest freedom you have is your freedom to live for Him.

Think carefully about what it means to be an American. Would you give up your gun for Him? Would you lay down your freedom of religion to follow Him? Priorities are the key here and right now I am hearing some very backward priorities from people who claim to love Christ. It’s time to check yourself.

Most importantly, it’s time to check in with Him and be reminded of which kingdom you are really a part of.

My life is not mine, and yet it is mine to live for Him. Peace to you all.