Thursday, June 21, 2012

apolitical follow up

Have you ever noticed the expectation of the American Christian that you and I be voters? It goes without saying that we should not only vote but our exclusive choice should be Republican. To me, this is nothing new, I have seen it for years, but the more recent observation is now that I’m apolitical, there is not only disbelief but even shock. You see, it is very un-American to choose not to vote. We may have rights that protect our choices but that won’t stop some from condemning for those choices.

Maybe it’s my new found perspective on this that has me so stunned but it could also be the willful ignorance of many. I have noted many times how foolish most people can be, especially regarding any subject with merit. Very little forethought is used on subjects of race, religion, science and politics. It’s easier to gut check everything and live moment by moment using only emotions. This reactive nature is predominant here in America where the majority is comfortable with the lifestyle of convenience. The less one has to do the better, especially when it comes to thinking.

Without thought, many jump to conclusions, which is why I suppose it doesn’t shock me to get the responses I get regarding my apolitical status. For me it took careful reflection and prayer to discern this path; it wasn’t an easy decision. Even after making this choice I struggle with the decision and continually find myself wanting to enter into a particular conversation or thread online. But like any addiction or habit, it takes time to break the chains and slowly, I have become less susceptible to those desires. Staying clear of that arena has been good for my soul.

I’m not sure this is for everyone. Clearly we need some level of government in order to manage the people and as such, there must be those with level heads and proper ethics to manage such tasks. My involvement is not necessary but at some point that may change. For now I am left to concentrate on that which is before me; kingdom work. Within that scope is a government with a solitary ruler whom I trust to make the right decisions for me. In His kingdom, all He asks of me is to believe and then love.

Could we live under that kind of rule? Isn’t that what Rob Bell pondered in the book Jesus Wants to Save Christians? For thousands of years mankind begged for a king, for a leader, for someone to be their head. God always granted the people their wish and kings came and went. Some were decent, some were deplorable and some should never have been a leader. We know now of course that God finally sent a king worthy of all praise but many did not see him, many did not recognize his authority. We have a leader today that if we would simply follow Him we would live blessed lives. But this is America.

Here in America we expect a leader that is just and who will understand what it means when we say “we the people”. We expect a conquering king who will rid us of those pesky terrorists. We demand a king who will break the chains of slavery to the oppressive regime we so desperately despise (insert your favorite ism here (socialism, fascism, extremism, etc.)). Does any of this sound familiar at all? Have you caught the point yet?

Like lemmings, we are collectively holding our breath until November at which point apparently we will somehow be saved, or possibly spared from some impending doom. You’re going to vote for a man in the hopes that he will save you from all the wickedness you see in the world. You will pin your hopes on a man with the idea that in a year or so things will magically get better. And when they don’t, your fickle nature will demand better and you will beat the drum of change until it comes time to vote again. Somehow you will expect this one person to fix everything, completely ignoring history and your own desires and their outcomes. The very definition of insanity may be inserted right here.

Your friends whom you agree with regarding these things will tell you that the only way to fix the problem is to get rid of the leader and get a new one. They, like you, have a clear picture of the perfect leader. A man who has your best interests at heart and will fill your bank account, land you the best job, complete your life and make everything right again. This mysticism is exactly what Americans hold onto every November and it is exactly the same mindset that the Israelites had about 2000 years ago.

And they missed it.

Your leader is already here and he’s been here for quite some time. He is just, He has your best interests at heart and has already made everything right again. But here’s the trick; the ONLY way to TRULY see Him is take your eyes off the flag and focus them on the cross. Your vote is not necessary, only your devotion. For most staunch Christian Republicans, I find that is simply not possible. For too many Christians in this country, pledging allegiance to the flag has become more important than keeping their eyes on Christ, in light of eternity and because of grace.

If that ever changes you will see one of the greatest revivals in the history of mankind.

In the meantime, I’m done.

My focus must remain on Him and the only way to do that is to stop putting so much focus on men, especially those who have no interest in me except what I can contribute to their ideology.

I have my family, my friends and my community. My goal will be serving those 3 in that order.

You? You’re going to vote. Let me know how things turn out, especially in about a year or so.

My life is not mine, and yet it is mine to live for Him. Peace to you all.