Thursday, August 9, 2007


is it possible that blogging is therapeutic? maybe i should be paying myself, or maybe i just owe myself too much. either way, somebody better be keepin tabs on the guy sittin on the couch; i know him and he's definitely a little looney (seriously far reaching inside joke there).

when something is made public for all to see and hear and read, and there are simple steps to take advantage of whatever it is, why hesitate? let's say that every hour on the hour, a large stack of cash appears atop your dresser. you would never leave the house. or on your birthday you got a free cruise around the world, all you had to do was recite the alphabet backwards. you would have the letters tattooed on your arms so as to never forget the order.

opportunities come and go. some are good and some are bad. we assess them quickly so we can keep moving. if it's worth anything, we take advantage of it. otherwise it gets tossed out with all the unwanted trash.

short of the plethora of stupid people who don't know any better anyway and walk in blindness and maddening ignorance, there are a good portion of individuals who do know better. but here's the part that probably qualifies for dumbest of all, those of us that know, we keep it quiet as if there's a limit to how many can know at once.

i just can't keep it quiet anymore. i tried for a long time. maybe i was ashamed. maybe it was a lack of confidence, who knows. either way, if i don't speak up i'm just as guilty as the one who ignores what has been written on his heart.

what will people think? let's find out. my job is not to cruise through and make a few friends along the way. in fact, i don't want to consider this life a job at all. more of a mission really.
the mission is simple. tell others what you know. lead by example and most important, believe. and as you believe, develop a relationship, one that will shape your future for an eternity.

my life is not mine, and yet it is mine to live for Him.

Peace to you all.


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jolielee said...

hey! im not sure how to add links on your page? honestly my friend gina is the one who put all my links up!!! sorry :() see you at the coffee shop :)