Monday, November 17, 2008

to what end?

We live in a world that seeks peace and understanding. Christianity, if practiced to the red letter of the New Testament is the vessel that could bring about peace. And yet Christians world wide are accepting of war. The message that that sends to the world is profound. Those outside the church see this and hope is not attainable. It is out of reach.

I heard someone recently say, “we don’t want to live in fear” when discussing why we go to war. To me this sounds like an excuse for pre-emptive measures, or more aptly to strike first regardless of provocation. What I really want to know is this, is the fear that of retaliation? Or fear of retribution, or fear of prosecution? We are willing to go as far as murder of another human due to our fear of being overtaken in some way, whether physically, mentally or spiritually.

That’s it!!! The entire premise is exposed. Conflict is born out of contempt, greed and ego, that’s for sure. But isn’t the root of all of those things fear? Isn’t it insecurity? We want it our way, within our comfort zone, on our time. We want control over all of it. We have to write the agenda, organize the meeting and then run it our way, When are we going to learn that we are not of this world, just called to live in it?

Even those who do not believe in God know full well that you “can’t take it with you.” So who owns it all? Not us that’s for sure, you heard right, you own nothing, it all belongs to someone else.

When will people get a clue?


My life is not mine, and yet it is mine to live for Him. Peace to you all.


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