Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Self discovery

Finding one’s place among others is seeing yourself among other people, and wondering not only if you fit in but if you make a difference. As men search to not only fit in but be accepted by their peers they are emasculated by a society that wants nothing more than their failure.

Who do we seek to impress? Is it other men, or is it women? Is it society and a perceived impression? Is it our parents that were there for us; or not there for us?

We walk amongst only so many people on a daily basis. We have a unique chance to display to them who we are as individuals, to show others what we stand for. Our place in this world will ultimately be for naught if we leave no lasting legacy with those who were closest to us, especially our families. Instead of being so concerned with what society might say about us, we should question first what our heavenly Father would say, and then our earthly family.

Our families are critical in our daily lives. Some of us have large families and others have very little family at all. Regardless of your situation you must address the relationships you currently have and ask those closest to you for an evaluation. There are two simple questions, and the answers will become your concentration for the rest of your life. Confront the person closest to you and ask;

“Do you see Jesus in me?”

This is profound beyond most anything you will ever ask a member of your family. You are asking something that cuts to the very depth of who you are and asks the other person to search themselves as deeply. Even the most devout family will struggle with this question if they are truly honest, and that is the key, you must be honest with each other.

Depending on the answer, we each need to take steps to determine what it would take for the answer to always be yes, no matter who you asked. If you have a large family, I recommend that you ask at least 4 members. After you ask the initial question, consider asking this as a follow up;


Understanding this is your formula for moving forward in your mission to serve Christ on a daily basis. When you know the “why” people either see Jesus in you or don’t, you can determine your course of action. That exact moment is your opportunity to seize the day and live it for Jesus. Take up your cross and follow Him. Make it your daily goal that others will see Jesus in you and will want that same love in their heart.

My life is not mine, and yet it is mine to live for Him. Peace to you all.


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