Sunday, February 6, 2011

Insightfulness (incite-fullness)

In examining an event where a woman had her head stepped on in what appeared to be a politically motivated moment, it is with insight that we will look at inciting violence. It is with great concern that we talk about this as we move forward. Accepting this type of behavior is tantamount to anarchy by mob rule. It is one thing to agree that we are all animals at some basic level, but to act like less than human intentionally is malicious and deprives all of us of our humanity.

Is that where we are anymore in relation to each other? We understand that we have differences and we also know that we will disagree from time to time. Some people will disagree just for the purpose of disagreeing. Others disagree not on topic or subject or content but due to a very willful dislike for another person or set of persons. When disagreements reach this level, rationale is thrown out the window for position and not for substance.

This basic competition among people is well rehearsed and documented. We compete against each other at every level of life with the goal of being first, or at the very least, finishing ahead of those we know or know of, and especially ahead of those we dislike. This is not an American phenomenon, although we emphasize it, but a global one. This competition amongst each other is at the heart of everything we do and is inherent in every piece of marketing, every social application, every business and every personal agenda.

As we compete against each other for victory, we become less and less interested in the welfare of others. When this happens, we care more about protecting our interests and agendas first, regardless of consequences and outcomes. I have watched countless people in the media and politics alike discount whole lives for short sided gain. There are no sides to this behavior; it is seen across all spectrums and ideologies. People are discounted or disposed of wholly for having a contrasting view.

The ultimate result is that many people consider competition as a life or death scenario. When cast in this light, it is easy to understand. Survival of the fittest comes to mind, as does eat or be eaten. The concept is that you must eliminate those whom you compete with lest they rise up and defeat you the next time you meet. It is much easier to accept this concept because we can see a very tangible outcome of having less competition the next time; just eradicate everyone that does not agree with you and the world will be a better place.

You can make the leap yourselves without me having to say it. The elevation is an easy one to follow. How long will it be until we melt down into simple beasts, bent on nothing more than destroying each other? All wars are started this way. All conflicts are the result of this same kind of competition and they all lead to the same eventual conclusion; there are no winners in this game. There is no insightfulness, only incite-fullness.

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