Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shooting first

It's been a little while and to be honest, I have been running pretty hard. That excuse seems to work for everyone else, so why not me? The truth is that life is still just that; life. And it never stops, especially with two grade school kids, two jobs, a new found hobby and strong penchant for beer and ice cream.

I do however still get the itch to write and while I have obviously failed to post anything here in the last 4 months, I am still writing things down with the plan to publish them here. Many things have taken space in my mind these past 4 months but my mainstay thoughts continue to revolve around this country's obsession with war. It is remarkable to me that in this day and age of connectivity between us and foreign countries, we still wish to harm our neighbor in such an irreversible way.

There is no plausible excuse for me to consider that would allow me to accept that we must seek to kill those who we are told wish to harm us. We here in America live in the greatest specter of fear that has ever been doled out on a nation's people. We are constantly reminded that the enemy wants nothing more than to extinguish us from the face of the earth and so we live, heavily armed, prepared for such a cataclysmic event. An event that is purported to be possible on our very streets. And it is behind that cloak of fear that our government sends our military off to fight. The idea is that if we are fearful as a people, we will not question the motives of our government as they set about their initiatives.

That last bit is relevant, be assured, but more importantly it is understanding the initiatives of our government that should alarm you. In the midst of the speeches by officials warning you of the enemy, we are painted into a corner of submission. It is not the wish of our elected officials to make peace with all people, but instead to rule them. The leaders of this supposedly great country wish for nothing more than to rule as much, if not all, of this world as possible. Our military is simply acting out this role of empire building across the globe, all for a country that is supposedly blessed by God.

Do any of you know your history? Do you remember when Israel sought the same thing? Do you know of the reign of Solomon? King Solomon's reign looks a lot like the US today. We have so much and yet we want more. We are willing to sacrifice our own people in order to continue our empire building, there is nothing that will stop us....or is there?

What if in this age of connectivity we raise our voices to speak out against the injustices of this country? A lot of people already do speak out and there are several great websites that promote it, but you too can join the voices. This country needs to speak up, but more importantly, those who profess a love of Jesus Christ need to live lives that are exemplary of His life, a life of peace.

Remember, Jesus did not fight back, but instead went willingly to the cross. Americans are so afraid of the cross that they are shooting at everything that moves, based on a theory that unless we shoot first, we will all die at the hands of an enemy we have never met.

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