Monday, April 30, 2012

Grampa Jack

My name is Drew. I am the oldest grandson to grampa Jack.
Yes, he was my grampa, but every friend I ever invited over referred to him as grampa.
His classic sense of humor seemed to eliminate any need for stuffiness. Quite simply, I remember him as always being in a good mood; always happy; always full of life.
Once when I was about 8, I asked grampa if I could drive his truck. He immediately said "fat chance". Instead, he suggested we get some ice cream. Seemed like a good alternative.
Later on when I was about 13, I remember being old enough to sit at the adult table for dinner. That first meal grampa lamented that he wouldn't get any because I was going to eat it all.
After every visit, gramma and grampa would stand faithfully in the front door and wave as we drove away. I always waved. So did he.
Grampa was the only person I knew who watched Lawrence Welk.
Grampa enjoyed beer, which worked out well for me when I was a toddler.
Grampa and his rocks, what more is there to say.
Grampa was truly blessed by his family but more importantly, he was a blessing to his family and that was most evident in his love for gramma.
Thank you grampa for your example. Thank you for the joy you brought this family for so many years.
We love you

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