Friday, September 7, 2007



If God’s timing is perfect, how come we don’t always like the outcome? I mean, if the timing is so great, why are there times when we wish it had happened sooner, or later depending on the circumstances? If I was in control of the timing, wouldn’t I have a better idea of what was best? Opportunities would come my way like jobs or monetary gains or relationships, all at exactly when I needed and wanted them. Poof, I’ve got the perfect job and the perfect wife and I’m loaded. The funny thing is I would mess it all up and find myself having to start over all the time.

God gives us what we can handle at precisely the moment we are ready for it. Sometimes we don’t think so, but God does. It doesn’t matter if the something is good or bad. God grants us opportunities to grow in one way or another, either through trials or blessings. In either case, God is testing us to see if we are ready for the next challenge, ready to take on more of what he has in store for our lives.

Ultimately, God is our barometer, he is the indicator of change in our lives. Everyday you get up something is different from the day before, there will never be two days that are exactly the same. God is with us in each and every moment as our lives change and yes, they change each moment. For those that fear change I have some bad news for you, your life is ever changing and there is no point in trying to stop it.

When change happens we need to remember that God is bigger than anything that comes our way. Regardless of whether the change is good or bad, our perception or more importantly our view is largely based on how big a part God plays in our lives. If we implicitly trust God to be our guide through this life, there is literally no change in your life that you will not end up thanking God for.

Honestly that seems like a major leap of faith, to trust God so much that no matter what, we know that He has it covered. But knowing the end result of where we are headed, we need to keep our eyes on the prize and believe that this life is more than a parade.

God’s timing is always good, it is something I can hang my hat on everyday. The sun comes up again and I know that He is there working through the changes in my life, ensuring that I see His goodness in all of it.

my life is not mine, and yet it is mine to live for Him. Peace to you all.



jolielee said...

you have no idea how much i needed to be reminded with this. Even as im on the internet my mind is rushing... im frustraited... impacient... and ancious! I want somthing so bad right now that its driving me nuts! But i know that the timing is off! i know that this is not what god has for me! how do stop thinking about it? i supose its just a constant renewal of my mind to think on what is already put before me instead of what is in my futore? yea, i probably already answered my own question eh...

o boy

Anonymous said...

One thing I think is important to remember... Not all the bad things in our life are things God has thrown at us to test us. Sometimes bad things happen because sin/evil exists in this world. It is our faith that the Lord will help us and bring us through to the other side, wiser and stronger for the experience, that gets me through those times. God isn't just throwing things at us for fun, but He is who helps us through when we think we just can't take another hit.