Thursday, May 22, 2008

My rights and my freedoms

In pondering Memorial Day I would like to consider remembering one who sacrificed far greater than any soldier ever did. Our savior is the one who gives us our “freedom” from original sin and the gates of hell. Jesus also gives us the “right” to be called sons of God.

We are free from bondage. We have a right to tell others the good news.

We are free to live for Him. We have a right to be bold in His name.

We are free to love and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ AS WELL AS those who are lost and do not know of His grace. We have a right to step out in faith and live a life that He gave us.

We are free to seek His face. We have a right to accept Him into our hearts and be changed forever.

Say a prayer on Monday, by all means please, pray. Pray for the safe return of our troops. Pray for their sanity, their peace of mind and their souls. Pray for all those who have served this country in years past and again, pray for their sanity, their peace of mind and their souls.

But most of all remember to thank Jesus for His wondrous gift of sacrifice on the cross. He died so that we could be set free. He gave up everything so that we could have a right to our inheritance of eternal life.

Jesus asks us to follow him. We are free to do so. We have a right to follow. Will you?

My life is not mine, and yet it is mine to live for Him. Peace to you all.


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