Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Seasons change

For some, the unknown is a scary place and the future represents that place. Watching a cloud as it changes shapes because of the wind is simple enough and while it is a good example of change, clouds are something that most of us overlook. Clouds are something that weathermen worry about, not the rest of us. And yet, clouds are formed by, shaped by, changed by and ultimately destroyed by the winds that surround them. Interestingly, we cannot see the wind but it affects our world in a very real and tangible way every moment of every day. Similarly, there are individuals in your life right now that are having an impact on you and they may be someone you rarely or never see. And just like seasons, there are people who will come into your life for a short time and have a huge impact on the person you are.

The wind is an oft used metaphor in life and truly represents the changes in our lives we cannot see, especially the ones that take place over time. Imagine if it were up to you as to which way the winds blew. Your influence on life would be monumental but in some cases you would have to wait for years to see the impact of your influence. The effects of the wind can be seen in the centuries old eroding of cliff walls and in similar fashion, it can take many years for you to realize the impact you have, or had, on the life of someone. The same can be said about the impact on your life by others.

What does this mean to you specifically? Every day you are influenced by or influencing others. Think about the power of gossip, for instance. If you spread gossip or untruths about someone and it gets back to that person, your impact is felt even though you didn’t say it directly to them. Slowly, we begin to erode relationships, reputations and people. Our wind, so to speak, was not initially seen but the impact can be seen for a long time depending on the situation. If we thought about all of this the right way I am sure our perspectives would change, I am sure we would recognize how damaging our wind can be.

The wind is going to be an intimate and integral part of each day of each season and will continue to shape our natural landscape. Our relationships will continue to be affected by the wind we generate; a wind that we have complete control over. However, if we’re honest we know there is going to be some erosion, so to speak, in regards to certain relationships. This is not necessarily a bad thing as some things must end in order for new things to begin, not unlike spring, summer, fall or winter.

Seasons change, whether we like it or not. Time waits for no man is indeed the truth. Clouds roll by, the wind changes, the weather is different and yet it is the same. As the sun sets on another day we can look back and see the giants we laid down or can see them chasing us into tomorrow. Regardless, the next day comes and with it are challenges not unlike the ones we faced today. Each day a new and unique opportunity to rise or fall under the weight of what we encounter; each day marching us onward to new seasons.

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